Participated and got the position in top 5 in “My Dream To Fly” , an online competition held in Dubai from 1-3rd Mar’2021

Participated in ART Exhibition By INSGIGHT GROUP,ROERICH ART GALLERY,MANALI,HIMACHAL, 15-18th Dec’2021.

Participated in DELHI 2K21 An International Art Exhibition,27-29th Nov’2021,ARTIZEN ART Gallery, New Delhi

Participated in Group Art Exhibition held at Posidelki Art Studio,Barnaul st.lazurnaya,Russia on 10-24th July’2021.

Participated in Bengal Art Forum held online during Apr’2021

Participated in RANG 2 from 24-26th Mar’2021

Participated in Mumbai Art Marathon,An Exhibition of Untold Stories from 1-3rd Feb’2021

Participated in An Art Exhibition of Artworks on “Sapnon ki Nagri Mumbai”held on 4-7th Feb’2021

Participated in Group Art Exhibition held at AFAL,Siri Fort Institutional Area, New Delhi on 24-28th April’2020.

Participated in Exhibition held at Delhi Art Marathon on 20-22nd February’2020 at Artizen Art Gallery,Pearey Lal Bhawan,ITO,New Delhi.

Participated in Exhibition ARTAFFAIRS held on 7&8th February’2020 at JNNYC,ITO,New Delhi

Participated in International Exhibition held on 20-24th November’2019 at Jawahar Kala Kendra,Jaipur,India.

Participated in Exhibition held on 23-27th August’2019 at Artizen Art Gallery,New Delhi

Participated in Exhibitions held on 4-9th May’2019 at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society,Delhi

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